Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 150 Photos from the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

Torres Empire Truck at the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

The weekend of July 20th, I made my faithful return to Los Angeles to attend not one, but two car shows. I’m going a little out of order, but I decided to do coverage on the second show first. 

After a four year hiatus, I covered my third Torres Empire Lowrider Show. I had a lot of fun attending the 2011 and the 2015 shows, and thankfully, nothing has changed with this show. It was still held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the room was completely filled with cars and bikes (FYI: Bradley Hall is 347,00 square feet. That is not a small room), crowd still went crazy over the live performances, Torres Empire still held onto their level of standard of the cars that could be a part of the show,  and most importantly- it was still the largest indoor lowrider show in the world. 

Buick Regal Lowrider at the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

I said it once, and I’ll say it again- “My automotive heart has a special place for lowriders. Although they’ve been around forever, the concept of lowriders is still somewhat new to me. I grew up in New York and let’s be real… there’s no lowriders in New York, especially not on Long Island.  I grew up around tuners and luxury/exotic cars.” What I respect the most about Lowriders is that attention to detail. I never had an opportunity to customize a car, but it’s obvious that there’s a high level of detail in customizing a lowrider.

Chevy Impala at the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

Walking around Bradley Hall, I saw some familiar vehicles… I did see cars from past Los Angeles car shows, I saw two vehicles from the 2018 SEMA show, and oddly enough… I saw two cars that I photographed in Atlanta, one of which- I just saw at the Krazy Vatos Car Show last month. 

Model making the LA sign at the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

I really enjoyed my time emerging myself into Los Angeles culture. It’s not Los Angeles automotive culture, it’s a part of their overall culture. Enough talking because I know you would rather see some photos…

If the sneak peek wasn’t enough, feel free to check out Bernie’s 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Supershow gallery. Thank you for the hospitality, Los Angeles. I will be back. 


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