Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 60 Photos from the 2019 Stuntfest Weekend


On April 25th-28th, Stuntfest held their annual weekend. The Stuntfest weekend usually goes as follows- Thursday night is a Meet-and-Greet (which I never go to). Friday night is usually a bonding experience at a strip club (again, I never go to. Plus I already been to them all.) Saturday afternoon is their block party and Sunday is their famous car show.

Custom Wrapped Dodge Challenger Hellcat at the 2019 Stuntfest Block Party

Stuntfest is one of those car shows that I’m always happy to attend. The reason why is simple. Much like Caffeine and Octane, Caffeine and Exotics, Dub Car Show, Los Magnificos, Torres Empire, Official Street Whipz’ King of the South, Krazy Vatos and the newest entry- Whips By Wade, Stuntfest gives me what I want- a car show with a high percentage of show-worthy cars. That’s it. Doesn’t matter the location, since I will find my way there.

Chevy Donk on Forgiato Wheels at the Stuntfest Block Party

Saturday’s block party was held at the Venue Nightclub in Forest Park, which is right outside of Atlanta. The block party was crowded with people, music, food and cars. In a nutshell, it was basically a car show. By now, you know that I’m happy to attend. 

Rolls Royce Cullinan on Forgiato Wheels at the 2019 Stuntfest Car Show

Last year’s Stuntfest show had crappy weather- cool, cloudy and rain. This year was the complete opposite- hot with clear, sunny skies. By the time I pulled up to Silver Dollar Raceway, I knew what I was in store for… a lot of fun. There were plenty of vehicles on Forgiato, Amani Forged, Rucci, and Dub Wheels, plenty of vehicles painted in a variety of colors, and most importantly– plenty of car show worthy vehicles, which means I had no reason to complain.

Box Chevy Caprice on Dub Wheels at the 2019 Stuntfest Car Show

Enough talking because I would rather show off some photos.

To see the rest of Saturday’s photos, click on Bernie’s 2019 Stuntfest Block Party gallery and to see the rest of Sunday’s photos, click on Bernie’s 2019 Stuntfest Car Show gallery. Thank you for another great show.

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