Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 25 Classic Cars from Coffee and Chrome

Dodge Brothers Victoria at Coffee and Chrome

Last Saturday, I actually woke up early enough in time to make it to Coffee and Chrome. Coffee and Chrome is a morning car and motorcycle show that’s every second Saturday right outside of Atlanta, in Hapeville, GA.

Classic Chevy Bel Air at Coffee and Chrome

Coffee and Chrome is definitely smaller than shows that I normally attend, however the cars that do come are seasoned vehicles that you really don’t get to see everyday, especially in the condition that the owner keeps it in. Let’s be clear, the owners of the vehicles keep them in such an immaculate condition. 

Race car Chevy Nova at Coffee and Chrome

Enough talking, because I know you would rather see some photos…

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie’s Coffee and Chrome: June 2018 gallery.

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