Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 25 Photos from Caffeine and Octane: February 2018

Lamborghini Huracan at January 2018's Caffeine and Octane held outside of Atlanta

Last Sunday, Caffeine and Octane held their second show of 2018. Held at the Perimeter Mall outside of Atlanta in Dunwoody, Georgia, Caffeine and Octane allows car enthusiasts from all over to bring their cars and to show them off. 

Lowriding Lincoln Town Car and Chevrolet S10 at January 2018's Caffeine and Octane show held outside of Atlanta

I know you’re wondering “What happened to Caffeine and Octane in January???” Well let’s just say that Atlanta and cold weather doesn’t go together. That particular morning, the temperature was at a memorable 23 degrees.  The cold air was more powerful than the Dodge Demon, which finally made it’s debut in Atlanta. 

Dodge Challenger Demon at January 2018's Caffeine and Octane show outside of Atlanta

Dodge Demon at January’s Caffeine and Octane. Just wanted to show it off…

Sunday’s weather for Caffeine and Octane was much warmer, however it was raining. The turnout was more crowded than last month, but it wasn’t like the normal turnout. It doesn’t matter if you show up in a Lamborghini Huracan, a classic Porsche Carrera, a Mercedes AMG GT-R, a right hand drive Nissan Skyline R33, or a red Chevrolet S10 pickup truck that drove around the parking lot on three wheels, or one of the many other vehicles that still allowed those that admire cars to appreciate them for the beauty that they are.

Mercedes AMG GT-R at January 2018's Caffeine and Octane show held outside of Atlanta

Enough talking because I know you would rather see some photos…

For the rest of the photos, check out Bernie’s Caffeine and Octane: February 2017 gallery. Hoping that March 4th will have great weather.

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