Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 20 Hot Cars from Caffeine and Octane: August 2016

Nissan GTR Skyline at Caffeine and Octane

As the months go by, Atlanta’s most dependable car show- Caffeine and Octane is getting more and more popular. Held at the Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, Caffeine and Octane allows car enthusiasts from all over to bring their cars and to show them off. It doesn’t matter if you arrive in a Nissan, GTR Skyline, Chevy Chevelle, a sunshine yellow Porsche GT3, Audi R8, or an Oldsmobile 442- just as long as you arrive before the show ends.

Audi R8 at Caffeine and Octante

 Yes, you’re about to see photos of all those cars and more to show how random Caffeine and Octane is in 20 photos.

To see the rest of the photos, click on Bernie’s Caffeine and Octane: August 2016 Gallery.

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