Bernie’s Trip to Old Car City

Exterior of Old Car City

Front of Old Car City…

Old Car City is the world largest classic car junkyard… and of all places, it’s located about 50 miles north of Atlanta. Located in White, Georgia, visitors of Old Car City can observe and photograph almost 4500 cars while walking 6 miles on 34 acres.

Chevy Bel Air at Old Car City

Taste of what you’ll see at Old Car City

I found out about Old Car City while I was getting my nails done. The nail salon I go to always plays the evening news, and guess which business had a news segment? You guessed it- Old Car City, where they used the segment as a promo piece to bring more visitors to the museum. Well it worked, because a few days later, I was driving to Old Car City.

Entrance to the trail at Old Car City

Old Car City is overwhelming, but you will get your money’s worth. Like I stated before, there’s almost 4,500 cars on their lot. However, if you want to be a spectator, you have to follow their rules.

Rules of Old Car City

Throughout the many acres of land, they have signs saying that you can’t open the doors or the hood, nor can you stand on the cars AND you have to stay on the trail. The reason for the rules is because the cars haven’t moved since they were dropped off. Wilderness has taken over the acres and have grown around, on, and through the cars.

Tree that grew through a car at Old Car City

Told you a tree grows through the cars

It’s really a fun experience to check out the cars, but it’s even more fun to photograph them. People come from all over to photograph the cars. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in the Atlanta area. But first, let me give you some tips:

  1. Wear Sneakers
  2. When you do decide to go, go on a day when it’s cool outside. I wouldn’t recommend going when it’s hot.
  3. If you do go when it’s hot, wear bug spray.
  4. While you’re at it- wear long sleeves and pants. There are THAT many bugs.
  5. Also- don’t forget your hat, water, and sunscreen.
  6. Bring cash- Old Car City doesn’t take debit/credit cards.


Ready to see some photos…

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie’s Old Car City Gallery, and I’m definitely going back… probably in the fall.

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