Bernie’s Top 84 Picks from the 2016 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction- Part I

Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale, Doing Donuts With Bernie,

In the automotive world, when there’s a New Year,the world’s greatest auction, Barrett Jackson is around the corner. Held in Barrett Jackson’s flagship city of Scottsdale on January 23rd-31st, this year’s docket will remind you why Barrett Jackson’s auction isn’t one to miss.

The Scottsdale auction of Barrett Jackson is a milestone, since it is their 45 anniversary. In my opinion, the Scottsdale docket provides the most eye candy. Scottsdale is a longer show compared to the other three cities and they have more than enough cars to have a solid nine day event.

The hardest thing to do is to go through the docket and pick out my top picks. It took me awhile, but I finally picked out my top 84 picks from this year’s Barrett Jackson’s Scottsdale docket. Normally I have everything below, but this time, I placed it in a slideshow.


Part II will be up shortly.

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