Bernie’s Top 5 Picks from the Detroit Auto Show….



… that better show up to the New York Auto Show. Now that the Detroit Auto Show is officially underway, it’s time to show  my top five picks (only limited to debuts). But first…

let’s start back at the beginning.

Arguably the biggest and best auto show in the United States and one of the top ones in the world, the Detroit Auto Show, better known as the North American International Auto Show is one that you can not overlook. Detroit isn’t just the home of Motown, it’s also the home of the big three- Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. It’s only right that the North American International Auto Show should continue signify Detroit’s impact on the automotive industry.

Every automotive manufacturer- both domestic and international wants to be a part of the Detroit Auto Show by showing off their latest concept vehicle and the newest models within the lineup of vehicles. This year was no exception.

Borrowing the photos from, I was able to come up with a Top Five Picks from the Detroit Auto Show. Out of the five, three have been given the green light for production, one is still on the fence, and one will remain as a concept car. Enough talking, and here’s my Top 5 from the Detroit Auto Show (in no specific order)…




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