Bernie’s Car Show Coverage: 2015 Forgiato Fest Show

Donk, Chevy, Chevy Impala, Impala, Chevrolet, Forgiato, Forgiato fest, Forgiato Wheels, Doing Donuts With Bernie

After the success of the past three shows, Forgiato Wheel Company held their fourth annual Forgiato Fest Car Show. Car enthusiasts gathered at the Miami Beach Convention Center to see some great looking cars. From as far north as Ohio (Spademade), to as far west as Houston (713 Motoring, however, I honestly don’t remember if there were any west coast cars), to as far close as around the corner (Exclusive Motoring, BTS Customs, and MC Customs), there were some classic Donks, Rolls Royces, few Lowriders and Hellcats, couple of Corvettes, and quite a few cars in the parking lot that left me wondering why they weren’t a part of the show.

Chevy, Camaro, Chevy Camaro, MC Customs, Forgiato Fest, Forgiato, Forgiato Wheels, Doing Donuts With Bernie

Enough talking….


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