ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Mercedes S63

ADV.1 Wheels released photos of a blacked out Mercedes Benz S63. According to ADV.1, with the addition of 22 inch ADV5.0 Deep Concaves with matte black centers and gloss black lips gave this Benz a bit more personality.  This Merc is now a car you can fully expect to see in a dark alley getting someone with a bag over their head stuffed into the trunk at gunpoint. We mean that in a good way of course; it’s a mean, uncompromising, German speed machine with attitude.


Nice… but they need to save the Mafia reference for a city that was influenced by the mob. Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York– yes. Los Angeles– no. Los Angeles is tied with Atlanta when it comes to the Mafia. (And Atlanta, BMF doesn’t count)

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