Bernie’s Favorite: Butler Tire releases photos of a Blacked Out BMW 650i

Butler Tire sent me photos of the BMW 650i that I LOVED the most. This BMW 650i was outfitted with Lexani LSS5 Wheels in 22 inches and Full Custom Body Kit. I’ve said it many, many times on my blog, I LOVE COMPLETELY BLACKED OUT VEHICLES. A completely blacked out vehicle must meet the following criteria: the body of the vehicle has to be 100% black, wheels: Black, top of the car: black, headlights: Smoked out, tail lights: Smoked out, dark limo tint– or close to it, and the interior- duh, black. And this BMW meets the requirements.

Thank you Butler Tire.

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  1. what body kit, exhaust, and hood are on this car?

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