Car Show Coverage: 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon is just around the corner, but why not show off some photos from the 2011 show. But before I show them, let me brief you about the importance to this car show.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 (I love sparkle as much as the next girl, but…)

The Tokyo Auto Salon is the Japanese version of SEMA. It is the world’s largest auto exhibition in the world. There are over 600 vehicles for display with over 300 companies, associations, and schools. There are also after-market parts manufacturers, custom shops, care manufacturers, automotive businesses, and automotive vocational schools. There are not only custom cars and after-market manufactures, there is also live entertainment. Top musicians from around the world and talk shows hosting famous drivers and celebrities can be seen at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

So this is one serious show, and I came up with a compilation of photos around the ‘net from the 2011 show that was held in January in Chiba City, Japan. Between motor trend,,, and a whole bunch of them found on flickr, this will give you a gist of how they do it in Japan.

(Love the paint job)

(Love the fact that the models at the show looked like the girls on this car)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 (Easy way to show off aftermarket wheels)

(The lighting was a little harsh for her skin tone, but we’re still rolling with it.)

(Love the lighting on this photo and her eyes.)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

(Love this interior)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 (Chrome Nissan GT-R. Niiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeee)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

(One narrow school bus)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

(Chromed Prius!!!)

Note to self: brush up on the “Domo arigato” asap. I’m ambitious enough to run with the big dogs, even if there’s a language barrier.

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